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About us

Story behind Siafa

About us

SIAFA dates was founded in 2007, focusing on retail shops in Makkah and Madinah where it was previously known as Al Alwani Dates. The first shop opened in Abraj Al Bait in Makkah, with the aim of bringing high quality dates to the local market. After a few years, the company expanded and opened several shops in Makkah and Madinah, targeting Pilgrim customers. The company since then widened its capabilities and success to becoming one of the largest dates processing companies in Saudi Arabia. The phenomenal growth led SIAFA to expand its distribution channels and network by offering its products in major supermarkets, retailers and travel retail. Locally & internationally. SIAFA owns all the remarkable stages of dates processing from farming, packaging, distributing and exporting. Owning 2 factories in Jeddah and Madinah, with a grand total production area of 40,000 square meters. Siafa runs under one of a kind core values of providing quality, hygienic, and tasty products.



Inspired by Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision and the significant importance of controlling the quality of its products from origins, SIAFA effectively joined the farming industry to sustain the quality of all production stages. The recently acquired farm is in Al Qassim region & holds an area of 11 million sqm with 100,000 palm trees.

Siafa has proven good agricultural practices by receiving the GLOBAL GAP certificate, which is an internationally accepted set of farm standards, recognised in more than 100 countries and by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).



Our factories are adopting efficient processing methods to ensure the best and the safest standards up until delivering products to our customers. Total production measures 40,000 square meters in size with an annual capacity of over 8,000 tons, fully equipped with advanced processing machines for sorting, cleaning and packaging of products. Multiple chiller & freezer rooms are used to ensure sufficient storage methods to each type of product. Siafa is running its factories under dynamic and ethical procedures to deliver their products to its point of sales which reached to 1150 points of sales all around the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



Siafa considers hygiene a top priority, to deliver astonishing products. Our factories have received multiple certification of our hygienic standards. Siafa is Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) approved, gained the Saudi Dates Mark.

Siafa is pleased to receive ISO 22000 which is an internationally recognised standard to food safety management and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) for assurance of food safety at all levels. Siafa has successfully obtained the SASO certification which means it has successfully inspected and passed the Saudi’s quality and safety standards.